Avanti Cycling has the Reading Bikeability delivery contract. We deliver the highest quality Bikeability available.

Bikeability is the nationally recognised cycle training scheme.

Avanti Cycling delivers two main courses:

  1. Level 1 / 2. this course is a two day course, two school days long. This is delivered in your child’s school, please enquire at the school for more details. Most of the primary schools, and some secondary schools in Reading work with us to deliver Bikeability.
  2. Level 3. The government’s aim is to get as many children through Level 3 as possible. Avanti Cycling’s Level 3 course is one full school day long and is open to children from year 6 and above who have attended a Level 2 course.

Bikeability provides your child with a life skill. We train children to cycle on the road in a safe manner, interact with other road users and make sensible decisions.

This course is a key life skill and may well save a life.

Reading’s Bikeability calendar is here.