Cycling on the pavement

Interesting! We all understand why some people ride on the pavements, it can be pretty scary out there. All cyclists are regularly cut up, and often also abused, by some of the less thoughtful drivers, my wife was this morning both  cut up and abused just because she happened to be cycling in the road.

This is where cycle training comes in, we train people to ride in a manner that is safe, visible and courteous to other road users.

Driver training should do likewise; train drivers to be courteous to others and understand the needs of vulnerable road users.

There is also the odd journalist who jumps onto the bandwagon and derides cyclists. We all know about Jeremy Clarkson but one of the more forgotten diatribes against cyclists was written by Sarah Vine, Michael Gove’s wife,

Well we challenge those people to spend a day with us on bikes in a big city, maybe this way the more vitriolic amongst them can begin to understand us.