Adult Group Sessions


Costs only £10 per person

We give adults the confidence to ride

We provide individual and group lessons for adults wanting to gain confidence riding a bike – either for commuting, exercise or just for fun…

Whatever your level of experience, we can cater for your needs, whether as a complete beginner or someone wishing to brush up their skills to ride in busier traffic or challenging off-road routes…

We can offer the following training packages, each two sessions of two-hours apiece, which will equip you for your cycling journey…


Learn the essential skills of cycling in an off-road environment before graduating to rides on quiet neighbourhood roads and cycle paths. Each session will be led by a qualified instructor who will help you gain the confidence to make local journeys on accessible routes, while also passing on the basics of bike maintenance and repair…


These sessions are aimed at individuals wishing to brush up their skills, initially in an off-road environment, before graduating to busier roads, including town centres. Led by a qualified instructor, participants will gain the confidence to tackle busier commuter routes with more complex junctions and infrastructure.


Catering for the more experienced rider, who wants to improve their cycling performance both on busy arterial routes and town centres as well as longer journeys, including off-road. Participants will receive advice and guidance from a qualified instructor on cycling efficiently and effectively in heavier traffic as well as route planning tips.

Family Riders

Learn the basics and essential skills together as a family group, starting in an off-road environment before progressing to quiet local roads and cycle paths, all under the guidance of a qualified instructor. Parents will learn about shepherding younger children on the road, while brushing up on their own skills.

Bike Fix It

Sessions aimed at providing participants with the skills to maintain their bikes without the need for expensive repairs. The bespoke course will cover basics such as mending a puncture to more complicated procedures with brakes and gearing.