Avanti Cycling was founded by Greg Woodford. He is one of the leading experts in the country on Bikeability and cycle training. Greg worked for the CTC, the national cycling charity, now Cycling UK, for over ten years managing their cycle training department. During the time he was there he:

  • Set up and created the on-road cycle training department for the CTC;
  • Was instrumental in establishing the National Standards for Cycletraining – these are the standards that underpin and led to the development of Bikeability;
  • Was part of the team that developed the four day National Standard Instructor (NSI) course which included leading the pilot project to create the first 100 instructors;
  • Managed the first Instructor Training assessment process which was subsequently passed over to the Department for Transport;
  • Developed CTC into an Instructor Training Organisation (ITO), which included preparing the courses, writing documentation and training and developing the Instructor Trainers to deliver the NSI course;
  • Delivered courses and presentations overseas, including Portugal, Italy and Hungary;

Greg is a passionate cyclist; cycling is his chosen lifestyle. He uses the bike for commuting and transport. He leads foreign cycling tours, is a leading long distance time trialist having recently come tenth in his age group in the World Championship.

Company ethos:

Avanti Cycling works hard to help the environment. We encourage all our staff to use green methods of travel, we follow the mantra: Reduce-Reuse-Recycle. This means that you might receive letters in used envelopes! Our raison d’etre is to encourage people to use their bikes as everyday transport. Cycling is normal. See our environmental policy.