Keen to walk or cycle? We’ll get you rolling or strolling

If you would like to explore on foot or bicycle, start riding to work or learn to ride a bike then we have a whole range of adult sessions to get you going. 

We can provide you with a range of skills as well as the confidence which you will gain from walking or cycling in a group. 

These activities are free of charge, sponsored by Reading Borough Council. 

Learn to ride 

It’s never too late to learn to ride, so why not start now. We have the experience to teach all ages from school children to pensioners. We will teach you in a quiet, off-road area and you’ll get plenty of individual attention. We also run some women-only sessions.

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Rusty riders 

If you’re new to riding, or you haven’t been on a bike for a long time, then come along to our refresher sessions. We will help you build on what you already know and help you improve your bike handling skills. 

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Commuter and explorer sessions 

If you would like to start riding to work or exploring your local area by bike, then you could benefit from our sessions. 

We will tailor your session to your abilities and needs and cover the things you need to think about relevant to your situation.  

Topics we cover include: 

  • Your bike – is it suitable for where you want to ride? Can you do basic maintenance?
  • Equipment and accessories – things which might make your ride easier
  • Clothing – how to make your ride comfortable in all seasons
  • Route planning – how to make choices which suit you
  • Sharing the road – how to ride in traffic

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Bike maintenance sessions

Instructor explaining a point in a bike maintenance session

We’ll help you understanding how your bike works and how to keep it in good condition. You’ll learn about several basic maintenance tasks which you can do to avoid breakdowns and pick up several basic skills such as how to fix a puncture or adjust your brakes. 

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Leisure rides  

You can join our scheduled leisure rides and share the fun of riding a bike in a friendly social setting. This is a good way to gain experience riding. We will also be doing some women-only rides.  

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Leisure walks 

Why not join one of our scheduled, local walks to discover new areas and meet new people? The emphasis will be on leisure and enjoyment of friendly company and scenery. 

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