Join our summer ’24 fun rides in Whitley – for ages 7+

Family on a ride

Do you want to go for a ride on a summer’s evening? Join us for fun rides every Tuesday evening setting out from two locations in Whitley.

These rides are free of charge and are for children aged 7+. They will be led by an instructor from Avanti Cycling and a youth worker from Brighter Futures for Children.

The groups will explore the local area, starting out from Hexham Road and Whitley Wood Community Centres.

Rides start at 5pm and end at 7pm.

Hexham Road Community Centre dates: 23 July, 6 August and 20 August.

Whitley Wood Community Centre dates:  16th July, 30th July, 13th August, 27th August

Please complete your consent form online, or complete it on arrival.

Please arrive a few minutes early to meet the ride leaders who will provide you with blank consent forms and check bikes.

These rides are sponsored by Reading Borough Council and are free of charge for riders

What to bring:

  • A drink and a snack
  • Clothing appropriate for the weather