We’ll give you the confidence to ride

We provide individual and group lessons for adults wanting to gain confidence riding a bike – either for commuting, exercise or just for fun. 

If you’ve never ridden a bike before we will get you riding in no time at all. 

If you can ride but want a bit of guidance, we can help you too. 

If you would like some leisurely rides in a group to get some practice, you can join one of our regular group rides.

We can even lend you a bike if you don’t have one. 

Email us: info@avanticycling.co.uk

Learn to ride 

Riding a bike is a skill you’ll keep forever, so why not get started now? Our instructors – who also had to start learning from scratch – will get you rolling within a short space of time. 

There is no age restriction. We’ve taught 4-year-olds and adults way past retirement.

Confidence sessions – one-on-one

We will tailor the sessions to meet your individual needs and abilities. You might want to ride on only footpaths and trails, in which case we’ll show you some off-roads skills. If you want to ride on roads, we can work on a range of skills which will help you navigate the traffic with confidence.

Confidence session – group 

You might like to go out riding with a friendly group and enjoy a bit of company doing a fun activity. Our group rides are designed to get you moving in a relaxed and safe way through different situations so that you can gain enough experience to go riding on your own. 

You’ll learn how to see and be seen on the road, where to position yourself in the road and understand who has priority, especially at junctions.

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Family group riding

Riding as a family with small children is a great way of enjoying quality time together. There are some useful skills we can show you, such as shepherding smaller riders. 

Please email us: info@avanticycling.co.uk